Aprilia Performance Gen 1 Rearsets Black (To Fit RSV 98-03/Tuono 02-05)

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These rearsets are specifically developed for Aprilia motorcycles by Aprilia Performance.

  • They relocate the rear brake m/c which helps with consistent rear brake operation, a common issue!They come in two quality finishes, silver hard anodised and hard anodised black. All moving parts are rose jointed or bearing controlled for ultra smooth operation.
  • Laser cut heels plates that do actually stop your boots from scratching the swingarm.
  • Deepcut knurled footrests that do stop the boot from slipping even in the toughest of conditions.
  • They can be adjusted up, down , forward and back from the standard Aprilia footrest position.
  • Standard road pattern and race shift pattern adjustable.All rearsets are handbuilt and assembled by ourselves.
  • Uniquely numbered so your set will be the only one in the world!.

The kit contains everything you need, including the hydraulic brake switch and the copper washers. Fitting can be arranged, no problem at all.

Please note, these rearsets are "gen 1". which means they will fit all generation 1 rsv's and tuono's also falco's.

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