Aliant Battery YLP12 (To Fit V4 models RSV4/Tuono)

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These YLP12 Aliant batterys are the upgraded Replacement to our RSV4/Tuono acid batterys. 

The YLP Batteries are designed and dedicated to the motorcycle market

Ultralow weight and compact design!

The unique design of these batteries, totally different from any other lithium batteries in the market, allow a great weight saving and reduce battery footprint. The dimensions of a 12AH lithium batteries are tipically same of a 12Ah lead acid battery, while the dimensions of our YLP12 lithium battery are almost half compared to OE lead acid battery.

Not only that: YLP batteries features the advantages of ALICHEM Lifepo4 technology. The safest lithium iron phosphate technology allow long life cycles (up to 3000 cycles @ 80% Dod) and secure great power even @ low temperatures. That is why our batteries are trusted by many customers from Finland to Brazil, from Australia to Chile - the performances of the batteries are reliable in any climatic condition.

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